Closet crafter

I don’t know if I’m a closet crafter, but it’s not something I advertise, nor is it something I do all the time. Without a deadline for my crafts, they never get done (see, J’s unfinished baby book, his HUGE bin of cards and birthday party memorabilia that I always mean to “do something with sometime,” and the two baby books I bought for S and haven’t even unwrapped). But I do enjoy making things from time to time, so when my mom called me frantic about a wedding shower she was throwing for my cousin, I immediately volunteered to help.

Because of my crafting inexperience, I always find a scrapbook paper pack for my jumping-off point. That pattern and color have to come from somewhere, don’t they? The bride chose a peacock theme for her wedding, so we went with that for the shower as well. At the craft store I found a peacock paper pack that was perfect. I then bought things for the rest of my projects, ordered 100 peacock feathers off of Etsy, and got busy crafting during S’s morning naps. I had a long list, so I started with what seemed like the easiest thing—wine glass tags:


Then I made some floral arrangements, a big one for the food table and two smaller ones for the drink and present tables:

flower collageThe favor boxes took the longest to make, just because there were so many steps. I found the silver seals in the dollar bin at Target and knew I wanted to use them. I cut smaller circles and the “enjoy” out on a friend’s Cricut, then mounted them on the seals with a foam circle for some depth. I thought they needed a little bling, so I added some rhinestones I had leftover from another project. I then assembled the cupcake boxes and added two strips of cardstock, one solid and one from my paper pack. I glued a peacock feather to the center of the box and affixed the seal:

treat box collageMy last project, peacock hair clips, I almost vetoed. I had the idea early on, but as I’ve never made hair clips before, I was worried they wouldn’t come out, or people wouldn’t wear them. I was ready to return my supplies, but with my excess of peacock feathers, I realized it wouldn’t be worth it.

I took large alligator clips and hot-glued a rectangular piece of felt to it. I cut the corners off the front of the felt to make a kind of arrow shape to mimic the feather. I then hot-glued the feather to the end of the clip and added a flower and an iridescent rhinestone. I questioned whether the flower was too much, but I think they came out pretty cute! And they were a big hit at the party. Everyone wore them—they were easy to add to an existing hairstyle or clip to a cute top. The bride even asked to take the extras to use at the wedding!IMG_1894

It felt so good for me to have a project to work on again. I had a set deadline, a list of tasks I needed to accomplish, and I did it. I keep questioning—why can’t I apply myself the way I did with this shower to cleaning, meal planning, and kid activities? I think part of it was that the shower had a clear completion date, and so many things with day-to-day life obviously don’t. Also, crafting is fun. I just love it (and I don’t love laundry). But clearly, I can be disciplined if I need to be.

I’m hoping to find a way to apply some of my drive from this shower to my daily life. But if this week of catching up on TV in the mornings and napping in the afternoons is any indication, I haven’t found it yet.