My Mantel

If you read this blog last fall you know I’m slightly obsessed with my fireplace mantel and the stuff I put on top of it. I spend a lot of time watching TV and therefore a lot of time staring at the mantel and its decor. For a long time, I had a variation of this (please accept my apologies for the blurriness of this old Instagram photo):

Mantel1But I was feeling like I needed a change for spring. We don’t really decorate for all the late winter/early spring holidays—I only have specific things for fall and Christmas. So I felt like a spring/summer mantel was in order. Hopefully this will get us through until September (or the end of August, who am I kidding), when I’ll be ready to put my fall stuff back up.

mantel2I will admit it took me a while to decide on the final product. I texted friends umpteen in-progress pictures and I spent way too much time and money at Hobby Lobby, but I think I’m finally happy with the result.

shutter side 1I made the pennant flag banner by taping scrapbook paper to some brown twine. The little cup next to the pitcher is actually a piece from our wedding china. And Chris had the idea to put straws in that glass jar—to me it feels like a cheeky nod to the quote on the lemonade print.

bird side 1I’m still considering getting some spring branches or berries to stick in that white pitcher. And what do you think of my garland? I made it myself! I think it maybe should go across the whole mantel. But I ran out of fabric, and another trip to Hobby Lobby would have been a little too damaging to my wallet. Also, that blue bird. I thought about that bird for days after I first saw it, and actually made a special trip to go back and get it. At first I thought he was a little too tall, but now I think he works.

Ahh, decorating. A never-ending exercise in second-guessing yourself.


3 thoughts on “My Mantel

  1. Amy says:

    Great post! It looks absolutely fantastic!! OH my god, I am so jealous. Wish you lived up closer to Naperville so I could pay you to do mine. Mine is ok, I have a huge clock, our wedding photo in a shabby chic frame, some antique milk bottles, a distressed wooden “N”, a mason jar filled with tiny apples, a cool candle, and my favorite, a little ceramic sail boat that I spent way too much money on at Anthropologie (because I love sailing and would quit life and spend it on a sailboat if I could like Joey and Pacey did in Dawson’s Creek). I’m sure you really wanted to know every piece I have on my mantel….hahaha… but I figured since you shared, I would. I am OBSESSED with yours. Pin that baby up on Pinterest, sister. Now, gotta go…off to Hobby Lobby.

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