The Five Stages of Sleeping In: Tired Parents Version

photo(6)1. Panic
Oh no, is everything OK? Where are the kids? Why is it so bright outside? What time is it? (Frantically checks clock.) Oh thank goodness, it’s only eight o’clock.

2. Acceptance
Eight AM. Eight AM is not that late. They would have gotten me up if they needed me. They’re probably still sleeping. I’m sure they’re fine. And it’s Saturday. No need to get up early on a Saturday.

3. Falling back asleep
This is so nice. I never get to sleep in. I’m sure everyone’s fine. I love stretching out in bed like this. That early morning light is so peaceful. I think I’ll just close my eyes for a few more minutes.

4. Gnawing concern
It’s kind of weird that the kids haven’t woken up yet. I wonder if they’re OK. Should I check the monitor? But it’s all the way over there. And I’m so comfortable right now. I probably don’t need to check it yet.

I think I have to pee.

5. Getting up
Yes, I definitely have to pee. I better go pee. (Goes pee.) Well since I’m up, I might as well check on the kids. I’ll at least check the baby monitor. Wait a minute, is that my five year old? I think I hear some thumping through the wall. Did he just get out of bed? “CJ? CJ are you awake? Mommy’s coming honey!”