What I’ve been eating this week: Many things

Well people, I’ve had kind of an off week. I did a lot of cooking, but I didn’t do any bloggy things like take pictures of what I made. I was kind of sick; my almost two-year-old has a cold so I thought I was getting it too, but when I whined to my husband he didn’t think it was bad enough for him to stay home with me, so I powered through, which is a phrase I’ve come to loathe over the past few days. I’ve been napping when Sam naps, spending lazy mornings on the couch with him watching Sesame Street, and my housework has been sadly neglected, a fact which presented itself to me in the form of ants in my kitchen yesterday. Did you know Sam was afraid of ants? That he screams and cries when he sees them? And that we saw about fifteen of them yesterday before Chris came home early, which was a blessing I think only God could have bestowed on me. I was trying to make these delicious-looking chicken meatballs, and of course I didn’t allow enough prep time, but with Sam screaming about the ants (he calls them lady bugs, which is so cute when he’s not trying to climb up your body like it’s a human rock wall) and CJ begging to play on the iPad and these stupid meatballs that wanted me to grate the onion—have you ever tried grating onion? Here’s a tip: don’t. Use your food processor. I gave up after the first quarter of the first onion. And we ate chunks of diced onion. And we survived. But just barely.

Of course the first thing I wanted to make when I was sick was cookie dough. These Cookie Dough Pretzel Bites from Baked from a Box were amazing—I highly recommend them. They were so delicious I had to take them to work so I would stop eating them. After you taste them I think you’ll be surprised that they’re only 5 Points+ for two. YUM.

The meatballs I mentioned were the Polish Chicken Meatball Patties from (who else?) LaaLoosh. These were so delicious even the kids ate them. I served them with whole-wheat pita bread, but I think they’d also be good over whole-wheat couscous. 5 Points+ per 4-patty serving; bread or couscous would of course increase this total.

Have you ever made chicken in a crockpot? I almost tweeted about it: I finally cooked chicken in a crockpot and now my life is forever changed. Tender, flavorful, falling apart with a spoon.  It was amazing. And I felt so fancy with the special sauce and soba noodles in this recipe for Slow Cooker Asian Chicken from LaaLoosh as well. I highly recommend this. The leftovers were divine. 7 Points+ per serving.

The last semi-exciting thing I made were these Zesty Chicken Enchiladas from Real Simple circa 2009. I was lazy and didn’t make the sauce on these (you can sub a jar of salsa and a cup of cream for the homemade version), but I totally should have. They ended up tasting kind of bland. But don’t worry, I ate them anyway. They’re great with a little bit of fresh salsa or Pico de Gallo on top. These were also a bit of a splurge at 10 Points+ for two enchiladas.

I hope you enjoy these recipes as much as I did this week. Let me know what you decide to try!