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Here’s a long overdue post about CJ’s birthday party last May. It’s comical because we’re already talking about this year’s birthday (a Minecraft theme, he’s decided). I wrote it way back when, so I’m just going to leave it like it is. Enjoy!

We celebrated CJ’s sixth birthday this past weekend, and today I’m excited to share the details of his party with you. He wanted a Lego theme, and for me, that translated to primary colors. We planned to watch The Lego Movie, so I snagged some McDonald’s Lego Movie cups back when they were giving them away in Happy Meals, but otherwise we kept with a red, yellow, green, blue, and white theme.

I made the decorations on my Cricut, which was fine except I spent the entire week prior to the party gluing circles onto rectangles. I love planning parties and I love doing a theme with the décor, but OMG TEDIOUS.


I thought CJ’s birthday banner looked adorable, and the decorations in the playroom turned out great. I made the balloon garland using tips I found on Pinterest and dollar store balloons. The whole thing cost me about four bucks. Fabulous!

DSC_0150 DSC_0157

CJ helped me with the treat bags, which is why some of the circles aren’t stuck on as perfectly as they should be (TEDIOUS! PERFECTIONIST!). Inside I put a bag of Lego candy bricks and a Lego Creator set for the boys or a Lego Friends set for the girls. The sets sell for under $5 and I bought the candy in bulk on Amazon. I really love putting together themed goody bags, but as I do more and more parties I understand what parents are talking about when they complain about the cheap, throwaway toys that sometimes come in favor bags. So this was a good compromise for me. I still got to stick with my theme but (hopefully) the kids will be able to play with their Lego sets again and again.


My mom baked the cake and cupcakes, and helped me pipe the frosting. I knew I didn’t want a fondant Lego cake, but I was struggling with how to get the brick to look smooth—I’ve been Pinteresting Lego parties for weeks, and each homemade cake I’ve seen looks adorable, but, well, homemade. I wanted to step it up a bit. We did the circles with a swirl of frosting, and then used an offset spatula dipped in hot water to smooth out the tops. The finished product was just what I wanted.

DSC_0167 DSC_0176

I was going to order Lego birthday candles online, but they were $12 on Amazon. I was doing some last-minute shopping before the party and saw that Betty Crocker makes them! Of course I bought a set. I wish I had a better picture of them, but they looked just like Legos on the front. And they fit perfectly with our color scheme.


I made microwave popcorn and topped it with white chocolate and mini M&Ms for our movie snack. Having the popcorn in these cute boxes from Pick Your Plum kept things neat while the kids ate on the couch.


Overall the party was a lot of fun. I was of course, nervous before it started, but everything ended up being fine. I do have a couple of tips to make next year’s even better:

  1. Do a piñata. I came up with a few party games to do in case the kids weren’t able to sit still to watch the movie (they weren’t), but no one really wanted to play them. I think it definitely helps to have backup activities planned, but it helps even more if the kids are excited about them. Next time I will definitely have a piñata, because CJ loves those, and maybe a craft as a backup. The kids are old enough now, and crafts give everyone a little room to do their own thing without a lot of rules (as games usually have).
  2. Send a paper invitation. I usually do this, but this year one of the moms in CJ’s class sent an Evite for her daughter’s birthday and it seemed so simple, so easy. The RSVPs are tallied for you, no one feels uncomfortable texting someone they don’t really know, win-win. But some of the kids ended up not getting the invitation, and by the time I realized it was too late. Other people couldn’t log in to Evite. It was just a headache. Next year, paper invites and awkward phone calls all the way.
  3. Kid parties should be one and a half hours, maximum. I extended this party to two hours because I thought we’d watch The Lego Movie, which is an hour and forty minutes. Not sure what I was smoking, but everyone sat on the couch together for about twenty minutes, and that’s a generous estimate. We attempted all four of my backup games, we opened presents, we even went back for a second round of food. Four o’clock couldn’t come fast enough!

I think that’s it. I really enjoyed the Lego theme and I think CJ did too. I can’t believe my baby is six!


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  1. Kathryn Hackman says:

    Simply amazing!!! If you lived close, I’d have to hire you to do my kiddo’s birthday parties 🙂

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