CJ’s bug birthday party


Since I was uploading pictures from my camera for the living room post last week, I thought I’d share a few more from CJ’s 7th birthday party last May, which had a bug theme.

CJ Birthday Collage

It was less flashy than some of my previous parties because I had a budget (the horror, I know), but I did put together a cute little bug catcher for the kids to take home. If it’s still hot where you live, this would be an easy craft for a lazy afternoon.

bug catcher party favors

Plastic canvas
Jelly jars (any size)

Remove the lid insert from the canning jars. Trace outline onto plastic canvas. Repeat for as many bug catchers you’d like to make; cut out. Place the plastic canvas circles into the jar lid where the original insert used to be. Screw onto jar to secure.

finished jar Collage

For CJ’s party, we stuffed our jars with candy, bug finger puppets, and magnifying glasses. Of course you don’t need to stuff them with anything—just give them to the kiddos and let the bug-catching begin!