A few of my favorite things: June 2016 Edition

I enjoyed this roundup last month so I thought, why not do it again?

1. Product: Up Move by Jawbone
This is an activity and sleep tracker that is so affordable and so tiny and so gosh-darned helpful I wish I’d known about it sooner. It comes with a clip that goes on your pants pocket (or anywhere really) for measuring steps, or fits into a bracelet to track sleep. I don’t use it for sleep (because at this point I don’t really care how quality my sleep is as long as I’m getting some), but I love it for tracking steps. As Gretchen Rubin says, you manage what you measure. Monitoring my steps has motivated me to find ways to incorporate more exercise into my day. It’s a winner all around.

2. Resource: Chocolate Covered Katie
Katie is wonderful because she comes up with healthy ways to eat the treats you crave. I’m still a little wary of trying garbanzo beans in my dessert, but I’m sure over time I’ll give in. Those are her Unbaked Cookie Dough Bars up there and they look amazing. For now, her Cookie Dough Protein Shake and Breakfast Oatmeal Cupcakes seem like safe bets.

3. Book: Silver Girl by Elin Hilderbrand
I actually read this last summer, but I keep coming back to it in my mind and I’m planning to read it again this month. Hilderbrand does such a great job of sketching out what I can only imagine is the beautiful and charming island of Nantucket—it’s like I’m right there in that gorgeous shingled house looking out over the ocean with her characters. Really any of Hilderbrand’s novels are great beach reads, but this one struck a particular chord with me because it highlights how strong female friendship can be.

4. Recipe: Lightened Up King Ranch Casserole from Skinny Mom 
I’m always looking for different ways to eat tacos. I love Mexican flavors and how easy it is to incorporate them into so many meals. I also love casseroles, because when you’re trying to eat healthy, it’s nice to feel like you got a huge serving of something that actually tastes good. This recipe covers both those bases for me, and it did not disappoint. I even enjoyed the wheat tortilla, and I felt full for hours after eating it. Highly recommend adding this to your dinner rotation.

5. Home: Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage Containers
I hate food storage containers. I absolutely hate them. I consider them a necessary evil. They are a pain to store, lids are always missing, and they are forever getting stained by whatever Italian meal I’ve made that week. Enter these food storage containers by Rubbermaid. We bought a few of them to try out, and I love them so much I’m planning to buy a few more. I bring my lunch to work and these don’t leak in my bag. They don’t stain, and the 3-cup size is perfect for portioning leftovers. Plus, I love how both the containers and the lids connect to one another. I have thrown out or recycled all of my other leftover containers in favor of these. Try them—you won’t be sorry.

6. Miscellaneous: Gilligan & O’Malley pajamas
As much as I hate food storage containers, I really, really love pajamas. I think it’s important to purposefully get ready for bed; to give yourself a tangible way to distinguish nighttime from daytime. For me, pajamas are a big part of that. Gilligan & O’Malley has long been a favorite brand of mine, and this set with the typography on the shirt and the Capri pant (my favorite pajama pant length!) is absolutely perfect.