At home in the world

I didn’t love Champaign at first. Really, I didn’t even want to come here. 20 years ago when it was time for me to decide where to go to college, I didn’t fill out my application to UIUC—I hid it under my pile of first-choices, hoping my parents wouldn’t see. But they found it and … Continue reading At home in the world


Thankful for the little things

There is so much going on in the world, and in my little corner of it, that I wanted to take some time to reflect on the all little things I’m thankful for every day. These are the little patches of happiness that bring me unmitigated joy, the seemingly unimportant pieces of my life that … Continue reading Thankful for the little things

My mini makeover

Well, I got my hair cut. I scheduled the cut in July, eight weeks from my previous one, but my stylist was on vacation so it ended up being nine. After week five I was desperate for a cut. My thick hair was frizzing daily in the summer humidity, to the point where the five … Continue reading My mini makeover

Craving familiarity

With fall just around the corner, and the kids going back to school this week, and me going back to school next week, and all the changes that this new season brings, I’m finding myself more and more wanting to do things that are familiar to me. I’m rereading Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache series instead … Continue reading Craving familiarity

Getting over it (Part 3)

The final change I made to help me get over my depression was to my diet. I stopped drinking—did you know alcohol is a depressive? That it disrupts your sleep? You wake up more times throughout the night than you would without it, and you don’t get as much REM sleep, the kind you need … Continue reading Getting over it (Part 3)

Path to recovery (Part 2)

If the first step getting over my depression was admitting I had a problem, the next was asking for help. I found a therapist and started seeing her on a regular basis. At our fist appointment she did a sort of intake questionnaire, and at the end of the hour she put down her papers, turned … Continue reading Path to recovery (Part 2)