So my weight has plateaued. I’ve been playing with about three pounds lately, losing them, gaining them back, and losing them again. These three pounds started as my nemesis, but are now a comfort. I’m so used to having them around, the number on the scale rarely shocks me anymore. If it’s excessively high, then … Continue reading Self-sabotage


Weight loss: Where I’m at today

I’m never sure how much to share about Weight Watchers. It seems like people are in two camps: interested to hear about it since they’re also interested in weight loss, or annoyed to hear about it because they’re perfectly happy with their diet and lifestyle and don’t need anyone telling them how and what to … Continue reading Weight loss: Where I’m at today

I still have days

I was able to share about my recent depression roller coaster ride because I had gained some perspective. Three weeks into it—a month—I would have told you how awful I was feeling. How hard the whole thing was. How much effort it took for me to not only go to the umpteen appointments I suddenly needed, but … Continue reading I still have days

Getting over it (Part 3)

The final change I made to help me get over my depression was to my diet. I stopped drinking—did you know alcohol is a depressive? That it disrupts your sleep? You wake up more times throughout the night than you would without it, and you don’t get as much REM sleep, the kind you need … Continue reading Getting over it (Part 3)

We can do hard things, but what if we don’t want to? (Part 1)

It’s hard to get up and go to work after four days of being off. It’s hard to find the shoes you want to wear when you keep them downstairs by the door but you thought they were upstairs in your closet. It’s hard to make a protein shake for breakfast when you can’t find … Continue reading We can do hard things, but what if we don’t want to? (Part 1)

Quick update with recipes

I talked to a patient last night, one who was considerably worse off in the mental health department than I am, and he said to me, “I function pretty well for a crazy person.” This is something I think about myself on a near-daily basis, and hearing it from him was an eye-opener. If he … Continue reading Quick update with recipes